Výlety castles and palaces Plzeňský kraj


The year was 1840, when the owner of the estate in Nalžovské Hory near Klatovy decided to build his second home in a nearby forest. It was Eduard Taaffe, a native of Ireland, who, with the help of skilled builders, transferred an imitation of his…

Bezdružice (chateau)

The picturesque location on the hill at the western side of the square in the village of Bezdružice is occupied by the Baroque chateau of the same name, which can be seen from a far.

Bystřice nad Úhlavou (chateau)

In the Pilsen region, as well as in other places in our country, we can meet the material sources of the ancient past on every corner. It is no different near Nýrsko, in the small village of Bystřice nad Úhlavou.

Chateau Horšovský Týn

Come with us to one of the most accessible monuments in our country. If you decide to complete all six visiting circuits, it will take you more than 5 hours. Welcome to the State Castle and Chateau Horšovský Týn.

Chateau Manětín

Can you guess which castle is nicknamed the "pearl of the West Bohemian Baroque"? You can find it in the Pilsen region and it is the Manětín chateau. The original settlement of Manětín was donated by King Vladislav II. to the…

Chateau Zbiroh

Zbiroh, a chateau where the general public has been banned for many years, stands in the beautiful surroundings of the deep Křivoklát forests near Brdy. This is not just an "ordinary" lock. This one boasts several "best" ...

Horazdovice (chateau)

The first mention of Horažďovice comes from 1251. Two decades later, we come across sources that speak of the construction of city fortifications and the construction of a castle. It was built in the Gothic style and the main building became a prismatic…

Kašperk Castle

Visit with us the highest royal castle in Bohemia. It is located at an altitude of 886 m above sea level and offers a beautiful view of the Bohemian Forest. Head to Kašperk Castle.

Klenová Castle

Come with us to get to know the place where the famous composer and writer Kryštof Harant from Polžice and Bezdružice was born, Klenová Castle.

Kozel (chateau)

Come with us to experience life at the chateau, learn how the nobility lived in the 18th and 19th centuries, look into lounges with preserved furniture and detach yourself from everyday worries.

Lužany Castle

Are you looking forward to exploring the Pilsen region? Don't forget to go to the oldest village in this region. It is called Lužany and you will also find a Renaissance chateau with Baroque adaptations. The village was first mentioned by written…

Nebílovy Castle

Take a walk with us in the Baroque chateau Nebílovy, located in the village of the same name in the Pilsen region, and let yourself be carried away by interesting history and exhibitions. Originally, there was a Renaissance fortress, rebuilt in the…

Prášily Botanical Garden

In West Bohemian Prášily we find the highest botanical garden in the Czech Republic. The exhibition is only outdoor and is located at an altitude of 875 meters and an area of ​​about 1.5 hectares. The garden was founded in 2005 and currently…

Rabí Castle

In the district of Klatovy near Sušice and near the river Otava you can visit the largest castle ruins in our country. Rabí Castle is old, stands on Romanesque foundations and in the Middle Ages served to protect trade routes and gold…

Rabštejn nad Střelou (chateau)

The West Bohemian town of Rabštejn nad Střelou may not be so well known throughout the country, however, it lies north of Pilsen and in addition there is also a charming castle. A peculiarity is also that Rabštejn nad Střelou is historically…

Roupov (castle)

It looks like concrete and from recent times, while it is brick and moreover from the second half of the 15th century. What are you talking about? About an unusual chimney, an integral part of the black kitchen of the Roupov castle in the Pilsen region.

Velhartice (castle)

You can also discover Velhartice Castle in the guides under the name Buška z Velhartice Castle, the butler of the Emperor and King Charles IV. You will find the original Gothic castle in the beautiful Šumava countryside, the location itself…

Water Castle Svihov

Do you want to go to the times of the High Gothic and the beginning of the Renaissance? Then a trip to the Švihov water castle is the right decision for you. The castle was even declared a national cultural monument, paradoxically due to the fact…