Výlety castles and palaces Vyškov

Chateau Bučovice

Bučovice Chateau is a completely unique example of Renaissance architecture in the Czech Republic. The Mannerist decoration in the interiors of the chateau and the stone fountain in the chateau arcaded courtyard, consisting of ninety columns with rich…

Nesovice-Nové Zámky

Approximately 7 km to the east of Bučovice in South Moravia lies the village of Nesovice and a chateau in it, which was probably almost certainly noticed by everyone who passed through the village. It stands on an elevated place, visible from afar of all…

Slavkov Castle

In the center of Slavkov, you can't miss the city's monument zone. Its western dominant on a small hill is the castle, known mainly for the armistice in 1805 after the world-famous Battle of Austerlitz. Remembrance events for the "Battle of…