Výlety castles and palaces Znojmo

Bítov Castle

Above the beautiful Vranov dam, not far from the town of Vranov, stands the Bítov castle, which you should definitely not miss on your travels.

chateau Uherčice

When visiting the Znojmo region, you cannot miss the Uherčice chateau complex. Gardens, park, representative and residential premises, farm and administrative buildings form a single complex. The castle is still in poor condition, because in the last…

Jevišovice (chateau)

Visit with us the town where the Hussites had a stronghold during the Hussite wars, a town where there are two castles, the old and the new.

Moravský Krumlov Castle

Come with us on a trip to the Moravian town, where you will also find the Renaissance chateau Moravský Krumlov. In front of the chateau stood the Přemyslid castle, which was built together with the town. The castle was said to have stood on the…

Vranov nad Dyjí Castle

When you find yourself in the south of our state by the river Dyje, you will be located near one of the most beautiful buildings of the Central European Baroque. The castle rises on a rock directly above the river and above the town of the same name. The…

Znojmo castle

Znojmo Castle, proudly stands on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the river Dyje and Gránický brook. This place is located in the western part of the historic center of Znojmo in Hradní street. Come here to admire not only…