Výlety castles and palaces Šumperk

chateau Usov

Visit the original royal castle, now the Úsov chateau above the town of Šumperk. Combine a visit to a place that has been through Moravian history with a tour of many trophy exhibits. The castle was built as a French castle, a large part of…

Kolštejn (castle)

The village of Branná, which can be found in the Šumperk region, is known mainly for the picturesque grouping of the local chateau and the ruins of Kolštejn Castle, from which the torso of the walls, the rest of the palace and the…

Velké Losiny (chateau)

If you walk through the village of Losiny to the south, you will come to the river Losince to the place where the castle Velké Losiny stands between the river and the hill. At first glance, you will be interested in the octagonal high tower with…