Výlety castles and palaces Olomouc

Arboretum Bílá Lhota

The arboretum in Bílá Lhota, which you will find just a few kilometers to the east of Bouzov Castle, is a national natural monument, spread over an area of ​​almost three hectares. You will see here about three hundred different species and…

Bouzov castle

The picturesque location on a wooded promontory and romantic architecture directly predestines the castle to be used as a backdrop for shooting a number of fairy tales. About Princess Jasněnka and the flying shoemaker, Arabela returns, or Kopretiny for…

Náměšť na Hané (chateau)

Thirteen kilometers from Litovel you can visit the castle Náměšť na Hané, which consists of the lower and upper castle. The first mention of the village is known from 1141. The then lords of Švábenice had a castle built…

Olomouc Botanical Garden

The garden should appeal to all human senses and especially enrich the soul with its beauty, peace and sense of belonging to nature. Botanical gardens certainly perform this function as conscientiously as any other garden.  

State Castle Šternberk

If you want to visit a place through which the ancient history of our nation passed, visit the romanticly admired and chanted Šternberk Castle. Its location on a steep rock suggests that it was a medieval mansion for defense. The castle itself and…