Výlety castles and palaces Chrudim

Hamz Park and Luže Arboretum

Hamz's arboretum can be found in the forest park of Hamza's Luže Medical Center near Košumberk, southwest of Vysoké Mýto. The local park was founded by Professor MUDr. František Hamza at the beginning of the 20th…

Heřmanův Městec (chateau)

The town of Heřmanův Městec can be found to the west of Chrudim and there is a relatively large chateau directly built in the Baroque style. Although it currently serves as a retirement home and its interiors are not open to the public, at least the…

Slatiňany Castle

If you were looking for a chateau that changed a huge number of owners, you would certainly come across the Slatiňany chateau. In quick succession, the fortress and later the castle passed through the ownership of more than thirty owners. Early deaths,…