Výlety castles and palaces Příbram

Chateau Březnice

At the beginning, the dominant feature of the town of Březnice, the local Renaissance chateau, stood the aristocratic Buzic family, whose members had a fortress built on the site of today's chateau. It happened at the beginning of the 13th century and…


A charming Rococo chateau in Dobříš, surrounded by an English park and a French garden, can be found in the town of the same name in the district of Příbram near Prague. Its current owner is Dipl. Ing. Jerome Colloredo-Mansfeld and…

Vysoký Chlumec castle

If you look west from Sedlčany, you will see a beautiful castle on top of a high hill. From the valley below the castle it can be seen that these are two different palaces connected by a wall. The space between them served as a courtyard, which was…