Výlety castles and palaces Teplice

Bílina (chateau)

Originally a Gothic castle, today a Baroque chateau, which rises on top in the town of Bílina, can be found in Teplice, near the Duchcov chateau.

Duchcov Chateau

The castle is famous, among other things, for the fact that the famous seducer Giacomo Casanova stayed in its walls, which can be found about 8 km southwest of Teplice and is known as Duchcov. In addition to the museum dedicated to Casanov, there is also…

Teplice Botanical Garden

In the southern part of Teplice, one of our most famous spa towns, we find the Šanov district and the local Botanical Garden. Only near it are the famous Písečný vrch and Janáčkovy sady. The total area of ​​the garden is around…

Teplice Castle

Teplice is a spa town in the north of Bohemia, at the foot of the Ore Mountains. It is the oldest spa in our country, important guests came here for the warm miraculous springs in the 15th century. In the 16th century, a castle was built here in the…