Výlety castles and palaces Děčín

Falcon's Nest

The Sokolí hnízdo excursion chateau is already an almost integral part of the picturesque corner of Bohemian Switzerland and, above all, of the Pravčická gate, in the immediate vicinity of which it stands.

Falkenstein Castle

Near Jetřichovice and about 5 km from Česká Kamenice we find one of the rock castles of Bohemian Switzerland. Its name is Falkenstein and since 1958 it has been under state protection as a cultural monument. The foundations of buildings and rock…

State chateau Benesov nad Ploucnici

Are you close to Děčín? So you should not leave without a visit to the castle jewel called Benešov nad Ploučnicí. Break free from the worries of everyday life and step into a place where ubiquitous history surrounds you.