Výlety museums Kraj Vysočina

Jihlava underground

Beneath many cities is an intricate system of corridors and spaces that were used for various purposes in the past. It is no different in Jihlava, the center of the Vysočina region. The Jihlava underground is located below the entire historic town and is…

Kralická Bible Memorial

The Kralická Bible is an important work from the second half of the 16th century, as it is the first Czech translation of the Bible directly from its original languages ​​and not from a Latin translation. The theologians and translators of the…

Velké Meziříčí Museum

The Velké Meziříčí Museum was established in 1893, when the General Landscape Exhibition took place in the town. The objects from this exhibition became the basis of the museum. In later years, the collections were supplemented by…