Výlety museums Central Bohemia

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Hamous's farm in Zbečno

Hamousův statek is a great tip for a trip not only for lovers of folk architecture. Those who like to learn about the way of life and living of our ancestors will certainly be thrilled. It is a unique timbered farmhouse, dating back to the turn of the…

Museum of the Cold War and Air Defense - Drnov

Did you know that near the town of Slaný, in the Central Bohemian Region, you will find one of the largest bunkers in the Czech Republic?

Open-air museum Přerov nad Labem

Open-air museums are popular places where you can immerse yourself in history and get closer to the lives of our ancestors. What did a typical 19th century cottage look like? How did people live in it and what did they eat? This open-air museum in Přerov…

Ota Pavel Memorial Hall

The region of Ota Pavel - this is a well-known term in our country, including the magical environment around the river Berounka, near the village Branov, within reach of deep forests and in the shadow of the historic castle Křivoklát. The writer…

Pilsen underground

The underground labyrinths of cities attract many people who want to experience their mysterious atmosphere, walk through all the nooks and crannies and learn interesting facts about the history of the intricate corridors. It is no different in Pilsen, an…

Podbrdské museum

The Podbrdské Museum with a memorial to Jakub Jan Ryba in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem offers an excursion to the oldest time, when a mud castle was built in the valley, the property of the Lviv family from Rožmitál.

Skanzen Kouřim

The open-air museum in Kouřim is currently the only open-air museum in the Czech Republic, gathering architectural monuments from the whole territory of Bohemia. Most of the open-air museum's buildings include an exhibition documenting the way of…

Sládeček Museum of Local Lore Kladno

The impetus for the establishment of this museum, located in the once industrial Kladno, was the demolition of the Gothic church, insufficient in its capacity for the rapid growth of the population during the development of the smelters and mines. The…