Výlety church monuments Český Krumlov

Church of St. Vita Cesky Krumlov

The biggest dominant feature of the South Bohemian pearl, Český Krumlov, is undoubtedly the local chateau, which, however, figuratively speaking, is followed by the Roman Catholic Church of St. Víta, which can be found in the picturesque…

Vyšší Brod Monastery

Approximately 30 km south of Český Krumlov is the Vyšší Brod monastery, set in a romantic landscape just not far from the Czech border with Austria. Its foundation is associated with a legend concerning Vok of Rožmberk, who…

Zlatá Koruna Monastery

One of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Bohemia, the Zlatá Koruna monastery, is located approximately 10 km north of Český Krumlov, in the shadow of which, one might say, stands a bit.