Výlety church monuments Eastern Bohemia

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Cathedral of St. Ducha Hradec Králové

A significant architectural dominant of the East Bohemian metropolis, the city of Hradec Králové, is undoubtedly the Cathedral of St. Ducha. At first glance, even complete lay people will be captivated by the combination of brick…

Church of St. John the Baptist with a bell tower in Slavoňov

The church whose pictures you look at looked different when it was built in the middle of the 14th century. However, because he has not survived, its appearance cannot be determined with certainty. Today's one dates from 1553 and was originally…

Church of the Exaltation of St. Crosses in Litomysl

Originally, this provost's church was built within the complex of the Augustinian monastery, which was founded in 1356 by John of Wednesday, Chancellor of Charles IV. The Augustinians were called here from Brno and the construction of the church was…

Church of the Finding of St. Crosses in Litomysl

Piarist Church of the Finding of St. Kříže was built in Litomyšl on the site of a small church. The initiator of the construction, which began in 1714, was František Václav of Trautmannsdorf and was led by the architect…

Jewish cemetery and Jews in Podbřezí - Skalka in the Dobruš region

For more than two centuries, a strong Jewish community lived in Podbřezí. It was not until around 1848 that there was a great decline in these inhabitants by dispersal to surrounding and more distant places. As a result, the school building was…