Výlety church monuments Kutná Hora

Church of St. Barbora in Kutná Hora

Originally a mining church, dedicated to the patron saint of miners, St. Barbara, can be found in the picturesque Central Bohemian town, Kutná Hora. Its construction began in 1388, but was not completed until the end of the 19th and the beginning…

Church of St. Jakub Kutná Hora

It is indisputable that the silhouette of the church of St. Jakub, which has been decorating the town since the 14th century, is so connected with Kutná Hora that it is very difficult to imagine the panorama of the town without it. It is a town…

Church of St. Peter and Paul in Caslav

Whether you look at the city of Čáslav from any part of the world, the Church of St. Peter and Paul will always form its dominant feature. It is located just a few steps from the square and its tower, rising to a height of 88.5 meters, is used for…

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Kutná Hora Sedlec

Sedlec is currently a part of Kutná Hora. The beginnings of the history of the town were written here, and in 1142 twelve Cistercian monks, invited by the nobleman Miroslav of Markvartice, came here. The monks were to establish a monastery here,…