Výlety church monuments Ústecký kraj

Church and monastery Panenský Týnec

In the Louny district you will find a building that belongs to the most architecturally, historically and energetically most interesting places in our country. It will surprise you not only with its monumentality, unexpected in a relatively small village,…

Church of St. Mikuláš Louny

One of the most important late Gothic buildings in the Czech Republic, the National Cultural Monument and the dominant feature of the town of Louny, the Church of St. Mikuláš, can be found on Beneše z Louny street. It was built in the…

Church of St. Václav Litoměřice

The Baroque church of the Orthodox ecclesiastical community, dedicated to St. Wenceslas, stands in Litoměřice on Wenceslas Square. It is a Baroque building, but its history began in 1363, when the church is first mentioned. During the Thirty Years'…

Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Most

Written sources prove that the church in Most stood sometime before 1258. However, it was destroyed by a fire that swept through the city in 1515, and two years later the construction of the current church began under the leadership of the builder Jö…