Výlety church monuments Olomouc

Basilica of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Svatý Kopeček near Olomouc

Just about 8 km northeast of Olomouc is Svatý Kopeček, a famous place of pilgrimage, the heart of the parish and the Baroque gem of the Czech Republic.

Cathedral of St. Václav Olomouc

Cathedral of St. Wenceslas can be found on Wenceslas Square in Olomouc. It is undoubtedly the largest landmark of this Moravian town, mainly due to the breathtaking height of 102 m, and it is the second tallest church tower in the Czech Republic and the…

Church of St. Josefa Žulová

Church of St. Josefa stands in the village of Žulová in the Jesenice region. You will find it not far from the center of the village, on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the Stříbrný and Vápenný streams. The…

Church of St. Michala Olomouc

Olomouc is a paradise for believers and lovers of church monuments. The architecture of the local buildings is truly exceptional, when it gives the impression that the individual churches competed with each other, which will be the one - and which…