Výlety military monuments Central Bohemia

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Bunker Bratronice - Dolní Bezděkov

The buildings of the Prague fortifications called the Prague Line or the Prague Line also include a bunker under the road leading from Bratronic to Dolní Bezděkov. Due to its location, it is probably a European rarity. Its ceiling consists of a…

Drnov and Smečno bunkers - military open-air museum

The Prague line is part of the fortress defense system of our republic, built in 1936-1938. In an incredible 2.5 years, a total of almost 10,000 light fortifications armed with machine guns and 263 heavy fortifications, equipped with anti-tank guns,…

Underground fortress in Brdy

Only recently was a unique museum of nuclear armaments opened to the public, located in a secret underground fortress, which can be found in Brdy, between the villages of Borovno and Míšov. The opening was scheduled for June 2013.