Výlety military monuments Northern Bohemia

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Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification

The Běloves Fortress Open-Air Museum project is currently being implemented on the Běloves - Dobrošov nature trail, the aim of which is to take care of the buildings of the Czechoslovak fortifications, built between 1935-38. The core of this…

Monument to Gablenz battle at Trutnov

On June 27, 1866, a battle took place near Trutnov, from which the soldiers of the Austrian X. Army Regiment led by General Ludvík Gablenz emerged as victors. This important event is still commemorated by a monument in the shape of an obelisk on a…

Museum of Civil Defense Ústí nad Labem

The unique system of corridors in which the Museum of Civil Defense is located today was built in a former anti-aircraft shelter from 1942, which was later structurally modified to an atomic shelter. The temperature in the underground corridors is kept at…

Stachelberg Fortress

Between Žacléř and Trutnov we find one of the interesting places with a military history, the Stachelberg artillery fortress, which rises on the top of the ridge above the village of Babí. It is a large fortress complex, built in 1938, which…