Výlety military monuments Náchod

Běloves museum of Czechoslovak fortification

The Běloves Fortress Open-Air Museum project is currently being implemented on the Běloves - Dobrošov nature trail, the aim of which is to take care of the buildings of the Czechoslovak fortifications, built between 1935-38. The core of this…

Dobrošov fortress system

In the hilly terrain of the Náchod district lies an interesting complex of buildings, built as a shield against Hitler's expanding Germany. It is a fortification system Dobrošov, which was originally supposed to have about nine…

Josefov Fortress

Interesting technical solutions, mysterious underground spaces and a rich history are just some of what the tour of the fortification fortress Josefov offers. It used to guard the northern borders of the Austrian Empire, today it is an attractive place…

Kahan III - Cold War Museum

Kahan III is one of the buildings of the pre-war fortifications, which was later rebuilt to provide telecommunications connections to the Ministry of the Interior in the event of a Cold War conflict.