Výlety trips with children Kraj Vysočina

Rokštejn (ruins)

If you find yourself on your wanderings around the Brtnice river, the ruins of Rokštejn Castle will appear on the rock in front of you. Be sure not to visit one of the oldest Moravian castles. In addition, this ruin was saved by archaeological…


Wondering where to go on a weekend trip with your children or even for a whole vacation? Are you looking for a place where they won't be bored for a moment? Then be sure to think about visiting Šikland, an entertainment center with the widest…

Zubštejn Castle Ruins

Are you attracted by the conspicuous ruins of a castle on a mountain ridge between two villages? Then you definitely want to visit the ruins of the castle Zubštejn, which belongs to the romantic places of the Highlands. The aristocratic castle was…