Výlety trips with children Czech Switzerland

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Brtnický hrádek (ruins)

It is also called the Robber's Castle, but we don't know its real name. It is currently called Brtnický hrádek and can be found in the northeastern part of the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. These are the remains of a medieval…

Kyjov Rock Castle

It is one of the rock castles in the picturesque landscape of Bohemian Switzerland. To this day, only a ruin has survived, but in any case, it is worth a walk and a trip just for the very way up, which zigzags through narrow stretches and steep rock steps…

Shaunstein (ruins)

Šaunštejn, one of the most beautiful rock castles in the territory of Bohemian Switzerland, rises above the village of Vysoká Lípa. Remains of the castle premises have been preserved here, and although a relatively steep and…