Výlety trips with children Tábor

Borotín (ruins)

Head to a place that is perfect for eternal romantics and dreamers, to a ruin entwined with haunting superstitions that may or may not be based on truth. Give it a try and see.

Choustník Castle

Did you know that there is a double castle in the Czech Republic? He is the only one and we will take you to him now. Come with us to the South Bohemian region to the town of Tábor.

Housův mlýn Tábor

A torture chamber, ghosts, a Hussite tavern or an armory await you in a place known as Housův mlýn. It is a stylish Hussite open-air museum in Tábor, which regularly organizes programs for families with children, corporate events, concerts…

Kozí Hrádek (ruins)

Visit with us an important place in our history, a place from which Master Jan Hus spread his message, a place where important literary works were created. A place where times long past you breathe on you - the ruins of Kozí Hrádek.


The ruins of Šelmberk Castle can offer you unexpected experiences - both in the castle itself and in the forecourt you will see medieval craft workshops that are functional. You can see a smithy, a shooting range, a herb garden, a banquet hall, a…

With children on a trip to the ZOO Tábor - Větrovy

Have you visited most zoos with your children, but have you not been to Tábor yet? Be sure to go there!