Výlety trips with children South Bohemia

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A trip for beasts to the Dvorec ZOO

Have you gone through all the classic and famous big zoos? Are you looking for something new? Be sure to take the children and drive to the Dvorec Zoo.

Borotín (ruins)

Head to a place that is perfect for eternal romantics and dreamers, to a ruin entwined with haunting superstitions that may or may not be based on truth. Give it a try and see.

Castle ruins Pořešín

You should definitely not miss the ruins of the castle near the town of Kaplice. The access road itself will enchant every tourist - the forested landscape, the bends of the river Malše and the rock itself, on which the ruins are located, will…

Choustník Castle

Did you know that there is a double castle in the Czech Republic? He is the only one and we will take you to him now. Come with us to the South Bohemian region to the town of Tábor.

Cuknštejn fortress

If you walk through one picturesque valley called Tereziino near Nové Hrady, you will come to a fortress which, thanks to its grandeur, is only a step away from the designation of a manor castle. More daring individuals even talk about the castle.…

Dívčí kámen (ruin)

Written in German Maidstein, distorted Menštejn, popularly also Dívčák. These are all names for a beautiful and very large ruin in the South Bohemian region near Český Krumlov.

Helfenburk (castle ruin)

Approximately 5 km from the South Bohemian Bavorov, the ruins of a Gothic castle rise in the middle of forests, which with its area of 1.27 ha ranks among the largest castle ruins in the Czech Republic. Visitors can currently visit both towers of the…

Hopsarium České Budějovice

Just a name that promises guaranteed fun for children certainly doesn't have to discourage adults! The total area of ​​2,100 m2, with its numerous and especially various attractions, promises great entertainment for adults accompanied by children. A…

Housův mlýn Tábor

A torture chamber, ghosts, a Hussite tavern or an armory await you in a place known as Housův mlýn. It is a stylish Hussite open-air museum in Tábor, which regularly organizes programs for families with children, corporate events, concerts…

Karlův Hrádek (ruins)

Come with us along the red tourist sign leading from České Budějovice, you will walk to the romantic ruins of a Gothic hunting castle. The road leads along the Vltava through beautiful nature, deep deciduous forests.

Kozí Hrádek (ruins)

Visit with us an important place in our history, a place from which Master Jan Hus spread his message, a place where important literary works were created. A place where times long past you breathe on you - the ruins of Kozí Hrádek.

Louzek (ruin)

How do you like the ruins? They breathe a certain mystery and take their breath away. Look forward to it, and the ruins of Louzek Castle will awaken special feelings in you during a close encounter of a historical kind. Louzek Castle was once built at the…

May Rope Park - adrenaline for families with children

If you and your family are in the south of Bohemia, for example near České Budějovice, and you are looking for some more activity, adrenaline, which you will enjoy together with your children, be sure to check out the České Budějovice rope…

Playground BezBot České Budějovice

At 611 Lhenická Street in České Budějovice, there is a place that is a great tip for a trip with children - the BezBot Playground with a 4-storey game structure, tunnels, slides and many other attractions for children. For adults there is a…

Sports and relaxation area for children Hluboká nad Vltavou

Are you in the south of Bohemia and wondering where to go with your children? We definitely recommend the Hluboká nad Vltavou Sports and Relaxation Complex, which offers various sports and relaxation activities for children and adults.

Velhartice Castle as an ideal place to visit with children

Have you found yourself in the vicinity of Sušice or Klatovy and wondering where to go with a trip with the children? You can choose Velhartice Castle. Is the name familiar to you? Surely you remember Buška from Velhartice from the time of…

With children on a trip to Stromovka in České Budějovice

If you are staying with your children in České Budějovice or in its vicinity, you are certainly thinking about where to go for a walk. Maybe you are looking for an environment where you can run, rollerblading or cycling, and at the same time a…

With children on a trip to the ZOO Tábor - Větrovy

Have you visited most zoos with your children, but have you not been to Tábor yet? Be sure to go there!  

With children to Sušice on the playground

If you are spending a holiday with small children in the vicinity of Klatovy and Sušice, you will definitely think about what to do with them. If you want to relax and entertain your children, we recommend that you go to one of the playgrounds…

With children to the Adrenalin Park Hluboká nad Vltavou

Do your children like action fun and is your family close to a more active way to relax? If you are also near České Budějovice, be sure not to miss the Adrenalin Park Hluboká nad Vltavou.

With children to the Wellness Center Aqua viva Lázně Aurora Třeboň

If you are in the vicinity of Třeboň ponds and you are thinking about what you could probably do with your children, we will definitely recommend a visit to the Aqua viva Wellness Center in Třeboň.

With children to the ZOO Ohrada Hluboká nad Vltavou

Haven't you been to Hluboká nad Vltavou with your children yet, even though you are currently nearby? If you enjoy recreation in the surrounding area, you should definitely not miss the local castle. Apart from him, however, the Hluboká…