Výlety trips with children Zlín

Brumov (ruins)

Literally a few steps from the border with Slovakia, southeast of Zlín, is the town of Bylnice and the nearby ruins of Brumov Castle, originally built in the mid-13th century in the early Gothic style and one of the oldest castles in Moravia.

Galaxie Zlín

Especially in recent years, a relatively decent number of amusement parks for children have been established in the Czech Republic, where there are several attractions under one roof, including activities for parents in the form of free wi-fi or a…

Kovozoo Old Town - The original world of metal animals

Original, unique, engaging and informative - such and many other admirable attributes are definitely deserved by KOVOZOO in the Old Town near Uherské Hradiště. A visit to this only metal zoo in Europe will certainly be an unforgettable…

Lukov (ruins)

The ruins of the castle, called Lukov, stand in sight of the village of Lukov, northeast of Zlín. At present, there is only a torso of the castle, which was once one of the largest in all of Moravia. The current ruins of the Gothic castle are…

Piveček's forest park in Slavičín

Piveček's forest park is an extraordinary piece of forest, where children can play and adults can relax in the shade of trees, overlooking the soothing surface of the lake and in the company of beautiful wooden sculptures by volunteer artists. This…

Rope park Velké Karlovice

The rope park in Velké Karlovice can be found just above the Wellness Hotel Horal. It is a great tip for a trip for adults and families with children who want to have some fun and test their physical fitness. The park can be used by children from…