Výlety trips with children South Moravia

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Brumov (ruins)

Literally a few steps from the border with Slovakia, southeast of Zlín, is the town of Bylnice and the nearby ruins of Brumov Castle, originally built in the mid-13th century in the early Gothic style and one of the oldest castles in Moravia.

Cornštejn Castle

The high rock on which the remains of the stone walls rise, the river valley deep below them, the beautiful landscape around, all this is offered by the ruins of the Liechtenstein castle Cornštejn, one of the most romantic places in South Moravia.…

Dinopark Vyškov - in the forest with dinosaurs

Wondering where to go on a weekend with your family? Children and adults will certainly enjoy the small zoo in Vyškov and the Dinopark, which belongs to it. A joint ticket will take you to both places.


If you are looking for a place where a romantic atmosphere breathes on you, visit the small village of Podhradí nad Dyjí and head to the ruins of the Frejštejn castle, which rises on a rock above it. The village lies in a picturesque…

Janův Hrad (artificial ruin)

The ruins were usually created by the decay of abandoned castles, but there are exceptions that have already been built in this way. Does it seem so strange to you that you don't believe it? Drive to Lednice, where you will see for yourself. At the…

Kovozoo Old Town - The original world of metal animals

Original, unique, engaging and informative - such and many other admirable attributes are definitely deserved by KOVOZOO in the Old Town near Uherské Hradiště. A visit to this only metal zoo in Europe will certainly be an unforgettable…

Lukov (ruins)

The ruins of the castle, called Lukov, stand in sight of the village of Lukov, northeast of Zlín. At present, there is only a torso of the castle, which was once one of the largest in all of Moravia. The current ruins of the Gothic castle are…


The ruins of Dívčí hrady belong inseparably to the silhouette of Pálava, a limestone ridge and at the same time a protected landscape area in the south of Moravia. Take a look at these interesting remains of the Gothic castle and let…

New Castle near Adamov (ruins)

One of the very romantic places in Blansko lies on a rocky promontory above the valley of the river Svitava, between Blansko and Adamov. It belongs to the cadastre of the village Olomučany and attracts visitors from spring to the first snow.

Nový Hrádek (ruins)

Come with us southeast from the city of Znojmo to the ruins of Nový Hrádek. It is originally a hunting lodge, built sometime in the mid-14th century. the building consists of two parts - the older Gothic part and the front part, which was…

Piveček's forest park in Slavičín

Piveček's forest park is an extraordinary piece of forest, where children can play and adults can relax in the shade of trees, overlooking the soothing surface of the lake and in the company of beautiful wooden sculptures by volunteer artists. This…

The ruins of the castle Sirotčí Hrádek

Two silhouettes are already visible from afar on the hills of Pavlovské vrchy. One of them is the former Děvičky castle and the other is also the ruins of a castle called Sirotčí hrádek. Come and admire the centuries-old desolation of…