Výlety trips with children Liberec

Frýdštejn Castle

In the village of Frýdštejn, in the district of Jablonec nad Nisou, we find the ruins of the castle of the same name, built in the 14th century on a dominant site, in addition to a 15 meter high castle tower built on sandstone rock, from…

Grabštejn Castle

Grabštejn Castle, formerly also known as Grafenstein, Wlsitz or Olsytz, was built in the 13th century and can be found near Hrádek nad Nisou near the village of Chotyně.

Sloup (ruin)

If you are looking for a unique and romantic place around Nový Bor, be sure to visit the Sloup ruins. Above the village of Sloup in Bohemia rises a rock castle with a large number of corridors and rooms carved into the sandstone. Why was this…