Výlety trips with children Břeclav

Janův Hrad (artificial ruin)

The ruins were usually created by the decay of abandoned castles, but there are exceptions that have already been built in this way. Does it seem so strange to you that you don't believe it? Drive to Lednice, where you will see for yourself. At the…


The ruins of Dívčí hrady belong inseparably to the silhouette of Pálava, a limestone ridge and at the same time a protected landscape area in the south of Moravia. Take a look at these interesting remains of the Gothic castle and let…

The ruins of the castle Sirotčí Hrádek

Two silhouettes are already visible from afar on the hills of Pavlovské vrchy. One of them is the former Děvičky castle and the other is also the ruins of a castle called Sirotčí hrádek. Come and admire the centuries-old desolation of…