Výlety trips with children Chrudim

Košumberk (ruins)

Visit with us the setting of Alois Jirásek's novel In Foreign Services, the ruins of the Košumberk castle. It will charge you with the energy radiated by its half-destroyed walls. Maybe you will just hear medieval music or you will…

Lichnice Castle ruins

Do you like to walk through mountainous areas? Go to the Iron Mountains, where you will be attracted by the ruins of the Lichnice castle, built at an altitude of 480 m. The construction of the original castle was provided by the Ronovci. Smil from Zittau…

With children in the footsteps of the knight Toulovec, Toulovcovy Maštale

Do you like rocks, forests, beautiful nature? Have you found yourself around Litomyšl? If so, be sure to visit Toulovcovy Maštalí. You can find them near the villages of Budislav and Vranice, a few kilometers from the beautiful town…

With children to Veselý Kopec - open-air museum of folk architecture

Are you in the Pardubice region and you are thinking about where to go on a trip with the children? Do you want to experience something unconventional, and yet actually traditional? In that case, we recommend Veselý Kopec.