Výlety trips with children Mladá Boleslav

Castle Ruins Valečov

In the western part of the Bohemian Paradise you cannot miss the ruins of the Valečov castle. It rises on sandstones near the village of Boseň and its silhouette invites you to visit this remarkable place. It is one of the few castles in the Bohemian…

Henchmen's Hideout

Drábské světničky are the ruins of a rock castle located about 75 km north of Prague in the protected landscape area of Bohemian Paradise, where on seven, almost one hundred meters high isolated sandstone blocks connected by narrow iron…

The ruins of the castle Zvířetice

Above the river Jizera you can see a special panorama of the ruins. Its visit is definitely worthwhile, Zvířetice Castle is a ruin of an early Gothic castle and you can also see the remains of a Renaissance chateau from a later period. Fires…