Výlety villages and towns Plzeňský kraj


One of the district towns in the Pilsen Region is Domažlice, located on the Zubřina stream and an elongated floor plan. They are about 14 km away from the German border, have about 11,000 inhabitants and are currently one of the most popular tourist…


A city with a rich history, a unique atmosphere, a city which, thanks to its location, has earned the name "gate of Šumava", known as Klatovy and lies about 40 km south of Pilsen. At present, Klatovy has about 23,000 inhabitants and…

Pilsen - West Bohemian metropolis

The West Bohemian metropolis and the largest city in the Pilsen Region is situated at the confluence of the Radbuza, Mže, Úslava and Úhlava rivers. It is the second largest city in the Czech Republic and the fourth largest city in the Czech…


Rokycany is a picturesque West Bohemian town, situated at the confluence of the Holoubkovský brook and the Klabava river, approximately 20 km west of Pilsen and in the basin of one of the Brd promontories. The city is located directly on the main…