Výlety villages and towns Olomoucký kraj

Jeseník - Priessnitz Spa

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Olomouc - the pearl of Haná

Olomouc is the capital of Haná, which can be found in the center of Moravia. More precisely, we mean the sixth largest city in the republic, which boasts a university, a large number of monuments, and also an inscription on the UNESCO list. In…


The district town of Přerov lies in the approximate center of Moravia and in the Olomouc Region. It is an important traffic junction and the seat of major industrial companies, such as Precheza, Přerov Engineering Works and Meopta. The city is also…


At the western edge of the fertile Haná and in the north of the Upper Moravian gorge we find Prostějov, a district town belonging to the Olomouc region. The city, where more than 45,000 people live today, has become famous mainly thanks to…


Only 16 km in the direction north of Olomouc we find Šternberk, whose core is a city monument zone. Territorially it falls under the Olomouc region and is located in a valley at the western edge of the Low Jeseník. The city has a number of…


It is called the Gate of the Jeseníky Mountains - it lies at the crossroads of various roads and railways, which stretch to the Jeseníky Mountains. In addition, when you come to Šumperk from the village of Bludov, a wonderful panorama…