Výlety villages and towns in the Jeseníky Mountains

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The district town of Bruntál can be found in the Low Jeseník in the Moravian-Silesian Region, and although it is not generally so well known and visited, it has one important primacy. It is the oldest city in the Czech Republic. In addition,…

Jeseník - Priessnitz Spa

Hydrotherapy has already helped many patients with their health problems. But do you know where this method evolved and who was its founder? If you haven't heard about it yet, but would like to know the answer, read on.

Karlova Studánka - spa

Do you know where the cleanest air in the whole of Central Europe is, according to measurements? The place is the Karlova Studánka spa, where you can really breathe out of your lungs. People with respiratory diseases are the most common patients to…


It is called the Gate of the Jeseníky Mountains - it lies at the crossroads of various roads and railways, which stretch to the Jeseníky Mountains. In addition, when you come to Šumperk from the village of Bludov, a wonderful panorama…