Výlety villages and towns Kladno

Buštěhrad - a small town in the shadow of Kladno

Buštěhrad, formerly Buštěves or Buckov, is a city between Kladno and Prague. He began writing his history much earlier than his district town. The first mention dates back to 1209. At that time there was a castle, around which the village…


To the west of Prague lies Kladno, the largest city in the Central Bohemian Region, which is usually primarily associated with hard coal mining, and which today has more than 71,000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape full of dense…

Ledce - forgotten spa

We invite you to take a walk around the places where spa guests of famous names walked 100 years ago - Karolína Světlá, František Palacký, Josef Jungmann or Karel Havlíček Borovský. He was recovering here after…

Slaný - royal town

The Central Bohemian town of Slaný can be found about 25 km northwest of the capital city of Prague, on the banks of the Červený potok. More than 15,000 inhabitants live here and its dominant feature is Slánská hora.

Smečno, a city with a dragon history

The cruel knight Bořita used to live in the Smečen castle. His only son fell in love with a simple girl, and the evil and greedy father agreed to the wedding on the condition that the bride bring a golden crown as a wreath. On the advice of a spice worker…


The village of Zlonice, founded in the 9th century, has a special charm if you can watch. Especially if you are an admirer of old architecture, patinated over time. If you decide to discover the beauty and attractions of this Central Bohemian village,…