Výlety villages and towns Liberec

Česká Lípa

Approximately 65 km in the direction north of Prague we find Česká Lípa, a town which territorially falls under the Liberec region and through which the river Ploučnice flows. The historic core of Česká Lípa is located on its…

Jablonec nad Nisou

Jablonec nad Nisou, a town situated on the river of the same name just a few kilometers west of Liberec, can be considered a jewel of the Liberec region and a center of culture and sports. It is inextricably linked with glassmaking and jewelery and…


Liberec attracts its visitors not only with the Zoo and IQ Park, but also with other sights. The town can be found in a valley surrounded by the Lusatian and Jizera Mountains. There are great conditions for skiing all around. The Ještěd mountain …

Železný Brod

At the entrance to Železný Brod you will be really pleasantly surprised, a really beautiful town. The surroundings of the city are mountainous and beautifully green. In summer it is beautiful here, but in winter there must be snowdrifts ...