Výlety cycling routes and cycle paths Pardubický kraj

Králíky - Hedeč Monastery - Val Lookout Tower - Polesí Jeřáb - Church of the Holy Trinity - North Moravian Cottage - Králíky

A very diverse route takes you to Kralicko, you will visit various interesting places and monuments of all possible categories. The route is suitable for recreational riders, as a day trip.

Moravská Třebová - Mines - Boršov - Moravská Třebová

This trip introduces visitors to the attractive surroundings of the former mines. It is mainly characterized by a short distance and a relatively light profile. It is therefore suitable for undemanding excursionists.

Svitavy - Lačnov– Nový Rybník - Česká Třebová + back train

A long-distance trip through the countryside to the border between Bohemia and Moravia. Its course will take you especially through a quiet forest with deciduous vegetation.

Ústí nad Orlicí - Řetová - Dlouhá Třebová + back train

The route will take you to the recreational area Řetová. The trip leads through a quiet landscape and is not demanding in terms of distance or height. So families with children and recreational cyclists will enjoy themselves.

Žamberk - Water reservoir Pastviny - Žamberk

A more demanding trip for lovers of water sports and beautiful nature. Start your journey in the northeastern part of the city. You will follow the cycle route No. 18 along Draha Street. Watch this sign carefully, as at the end of this street the road…