Výlety cycling routes and cycle paths Jihomoravský kraj

Blansko - Jakubovo jezero - Skalní mlýn - Macocha Abyss - Blansko

This trip will take you to the Moravian Karst - a karst area with many caves and rock formations, the destination of your trip will be a popular excursion area - the Macocha Abyss.

Brno Líšeň - Pod Hrádkem Reservoir - Horákov Castle

An easy trip suitable for one afternoon, or for families for the whole day. It will take you just outside the city limits of Brno.

Hodonín - Mikulčice - Moravská Nová Ves + Back train

Cycling route suitable for a recreational ride or family trip. It leads through a beautiful flat landscape of South Moravian vineyards.

Kuřim - Malhostovice - Čebín - Kuřim

The route around Kurim with interesting stops in the form of lookout towers and natural monuments. However, it is always necessary to walk a little to specific places.

Kyjov - Bukovany (lookout tower) - Kyjov

A short trip with overcoming several hills with a lower degree of ascent. A nice afternoon trip, already slightly rising through the South Moravian landscape.

Mikulov - Valtice - Lednice

A not very demanding trip that will take you to South Moravia to the beautiful surroundings of the Lednice-Valtice area.

Nemojany - Račice - Nemojany

A shorter but challenging route that leads through a populated landscape pleasantly alternating with vast hills and forests. The trip will be appreciated especially by lovers of nature and natural swimming.

Rajhrad - Židlochovice - Vranovice - Popice - Dolní Věstonice + Back train

The route for cycling lovers - suitable as a day trip. It takes visitors to southern Moravia, closer to the Pálava Highlands. The return journey is chosen by train. You can go to the starting point of our trip either directly from Brno-Modřice, or…

Sloup - Šošůvka - Helišova skála - Sloup

As the name suggests, the route will take us through karst formations and caves. This area belongs to the Moravian Karst Protected Landscape Area. The starting point of the route is the town of Sloup, from which these natural monuments are the easiest to…

Vranov nad Dyjí - Lesná - reservoir Vranov - Vranov nad Dyjí

A bike trip through a pleasant environment around the river Dyje and through the local forests, but in some places difficult to climb.

Znojmo - Andělský mlýn - Podmolí - Znojmo

Not a demanding exit, both in terms of altitude and distance. Its part leads to the edge of the Podyjí National Park.

Znojmo - Nový Šaldorf- Konice - Popice - Havraníky - Judexův mlýn - Šatov - Back train

A trip along the border of the Podyjí National Park, the distance of the route corresponds more to a family focus or as a pleasant ride in the afternoon.