Výlety cycling routes and cycle paths Moravskoslezský kraj

Bohumín - Starý Bohumín - Kališovo jezero - Border meanders of the Odra - Bohumín

A trip leading visitors to the borders of the republic, to the not very well-known meander region of the river Odra. Nice as a family trip or an afternoon ride of more experienced cyclists.

Bruntál - water reservoir Slezská Harta - Razová - Bílčice - Moravský Beroun + Back train

As he suggests, the route will take you to the Slezská Harta dam and further, to the region where the Jesenická hills end and the plains of the Haná lowland slowly begin. The trip is more demanding remotely and overcomes significant…

Karlova studánka - Ovčárna - Praděd - Karlova Studánka

The route introduces cyclists to the environment of the main ridge of Hrubý Jeseník and its highest mountain. It is very difficult to elevate, in the number of long-distance meters it is one of the shorter routes. It is suitable for…

Kozlovice - Areál Na Mlýně - Hukvaldy - Lubina - Kopřivnice

This route will take you to the region of Palkovice Hills, among others sought after by composer Leoš Janáček. These are more demanding sections for more sporty tourists.

Nový Jičín - Kojetín - Straník - Jasenice - Valašské Meziříčí + Back train

Moderately demanding trip through the countryside on the border of Wallachia and Moravia. Along the way it is possible to see various especially natural monuments. Exit the city center from the local information center. In addition, you will also find the…

Opava - Zlatníky - Nový Dvůr - Opava

you will start the trip in the town of Opava, in its part of the city called "Jaktař". This is an easier route full of stops - suitable as a day trip for a family with children. You set off along a cycle path called Radegast - Opava. Around the…

Ostrava Hrušov - Petřkovice - Bobrovníky - Hlučín + Back train

The route is not very long, but overcoming two climbs. It is especially suitable for lovers of industrial and mining. But other recreational cyclists will certainly enjoy themselves.

Trinec - Oldrichovice - Maly Javorovy - Trinec

The route is suitable for lovers of distant views of the countryside who do not mind steep climbs and more demanding road profiles.