Výlety natural attractions Břeclav

Dunajovické hills

Visit the national natural monument, which was created due to human inaction. On closer inspection, you will find out how many different and very endangered plant species grow here. You will also learn about animals that have found their home here.

Lednice ponds

Lednice in Moravia is not only a beautiful romantic castle built in the spirit of English Gothic, but also Lednice ponds, important for many species of plants and animals. Definitely worth a visit.


Vineyards stretching beyond the horizon, the sun reflecting off the white walls of limestone rocks, green steppe areas with beautiful carpets of flowering plants, but also historical monuments created by human hands, all combine in the beautiful landscape…

Věstonice reservoir

If you find yourself in the Břeclav district by the river Dyje, you will certainly not miss the impressive Věstonická nádrž waterworks. This dam is also referred to as the Nové Mlýny II Reservoir. The Nové mlýny…