Výlety natural attractions to Ore Mountains

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Boží Dar moss

Visit the home of the round-leaved sundew, a carnivorous plant that is typical of peat bogs.

High stone in the Ore Mountains

As visitors to the western part of the Ore Mountains, do not miss the completely unique natural monument called prosaically Vysoký kámen. If you go to this attraction, you will reach the border of the Czech Republic and Germany, where this…

Prunéřovské valley

A beautiful stream in a rocky and relatively deep valley, trout, rare old spruces, a waterfall, a beautiful landscape for fans of photography - this is a natural monument Prunéřovské valley. You can go to the valley on foot or by bike and…

Rolavská vrchoviště

If you find yourself in the north of the Karlovy Vary region, on the border with the federal state of Saxony, you have the opportunity to see the national nature reserve Rolavská vrchoviště. It is one of the largest protected areas in the…