Výlety natural attractions Trutnov

Braun's nativity scene near Žirče

Today, the nature sculpture reserve is a fraction of the original unique. These are biblical scenes created in the 1920s by Count F. A. Špork, the owner of the nearby Kuks, in the workshop of M. B. Braun (1684 - 1738). He wanted to have another…

Černá hora peat bog

Nature has created countless places to which you can return permanently and never get bored. Others will visit once, without the need to experience this knowledge again. Places belonging to the first mentioned category lie in the bowels of our Czech…

Elbe mine

The Krkonoše National Park offers many beautiful places and one of the most enchanting is without a doubt the Elbe Mine. Every year, many tourists set out on a hiking trail that leads through this valley, admiring the natural scenery and enjoying…