Výlety natural attractions Central Bohemia

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When the Czech nation is at its worst, Mount Blaník will open and an army of Knights of Blanice, led by St. Wenceslas himself, will come out to help. At least that's what the legend says about this hill in the Central Bohemian Region. If there…

Boulders at Žihle

The Pilsen region will win you over with the beauty of its forests, streams, rivers and mountains. One of the attractions that you should not miss when visiting this region are the giant boulders at Žihle. You will find them about 50 km north of Pilsen.…


Are you interested in fishing and everything connected with it? Then you should definitely not miss a visit to the Čabárna water park, where you will learn a lot of useful information and you will also be able to go fishing.

Hrabanovská černava

Nature lovers should not miss the national nature reserve Hrabanovská černava and its wetlands.


Strengthen yourself with the healing spring of St. Josef, from which the writer Bohumil Hrabal also drank. Kersko Nature Park can be found in the Central Bohemian Region, in the Nymburk district. It covers an area 7.5 km long and 5 km wide. It lines the…

Klánovice Forest - Cyrilov

Put on proper shoes or get on your bike and go on a trip to the forest. The route is undemanding, mostly flat, so the whole family can playfully handle it!


The canyon-like valley with steppe and forest vegetation was declared a national nature reserve in 1952. Here you will find several caves with archeological finds. Among the most important are the Martin Cave, where prehistoric and modern settlements have…

Lavičky - Kosova Mountain

Are you a nature lover? Are you interested in endangered plant species? Then be sure to head to the Kosova Hora - Lavičky area, where you can find the rare Winged Krucinečka. 4 km east of the town of Sedlčany you will find the village of Kosova Hora in…


Whether you like hiking or you are an enthusiastic paddler, you will admire the section of the Sázava River with various thresholds or rapids not only for the possibility of water tourism, but also the beauty of the boulder riverbed and the…

Voděradské beech forests

You can get acquainted with untouched nature by visiting the Voděradská bučiny National Nature Reserve. You will find this large protected area near the village of Černé Voděrady. You can do many activities here - hiking, biking, swimming in…

Žehuň pond

Do you like waterfowl and its natural habitat? Then be sure to visit the Žehuň Pond, the largest pond in the Central Bohemian Region. You can find it between Poděbrady and Chlumec nad Cidlinou near the village of Žehuň. It is 5.5 km long, 6 m deep and the…