Výlety natural attractions Mělník

Confluence of the Elbe and Vltava

Every child in the first grade of primary school knows that the confluence of the Vltava and the Elbe can be found in the town of Mělník. Few people may know that this is a very interesting and sought-after tourist destination.

Kokořín mine

Take a trip to the Kokořín Mine, where you can see interesting rock formations and go on one of the many tourist marked trails. Kokořínský důl was declared a nature reserve in 1953. It covers an area of 20.97 km2 in the districts of…

Kokořínské pokličky

Kokořín Castle is one of our most visited and most famous castles and its surroundings offer many places to go on a trip. One of them is Pokličky (or also Mšenské and Jestřebické pokličky), sandstone formations up to 12 meters…

Rock maze Mšeno

The rock labyrinth is located in the Kokořínsko Protected Landscape Area, approximately 2.5 km northwest of the village of Mšeno. It consists of rock gorges, rectangular cracked sandstones and chimneys. It is located on the route of the…

The Devil's Heads Želízy

First of all, we should probably mention that the title of the article is not completely apt. We would like to introduce you to a tip for a trip to the unique statues of Václav Levý, of which the Devil's Heads are the most famous and…