Výlety natural attractions Pardubický kraj

Králický sněžník

Put on the solid mountains and go on a trip to the beautiful unspoiled nature. The Králický sněžník National Nature Reserve covers an area of 1,694.67 ha at an altitude of 820 - 1424 m. It was declared a reserve in 1990. Under…

Rybenské perničky

In Žďárské vrchy there is a village with an interesting name Pustá Rybná. If you move in this area, head west from the village and visit the unique rock formation of Rybenská pernička. This protected natural monument is…

Toulovcovy Maštale

Let yourself be seduced by a magical walk through the Toulovcovy maštale nature reserve and draw new energy and peace from the local sandstone formations! Novohradka has dug picturesque streams here, flowing through the rocky valley, cave holes…