Výlety natural attractions Nymburk

Hrabanovská černava

Nature lovers should not miss the national nature reserve Hrabanovská černava and its wetlands.


Strengthen yourself with the healing spring of St. Josef, from which the writer Bohumil Hrabal also drank. Kersko Nature Park can be found in the Central Bohemian Region, in the Nymburk district. It covers an area 7.5 km long and 5 km wide. It lines the…

Žehuň pond

Do you like waterfowl and its natural habitat? Then be sure to visit the Žehuň Pond, the largest pond in the Central Bohemian Region. You can find it between Poděbrady and Chlumec nad Cidlinou near the village of Žehuň. It is 5.5 km long, 6 m deep and the…