Výlety natural attractions Klatovy

Black Lake

Černé jezero, 6 km from Železná Ruda and 1 km from the German border, belongs to one of the Šumava natural reservoirs. Its area is more than 18 ha, the depth reaches up to 40 m and together with the Devil's Lake it has been a…

Kunisch Mountains

Do you know the history of the Šumava borderland? Do you want to relax in a beautiful landscape and get rid of everyday worries, at least for a while? Try the Royal Forest.

Modravské slatě

If you search for the springs of many streams in Šumava, you will find that they originate in the area of the largest complex of upland peat bogs called Modravské slatě. This site is located in the first zone of the national park, and…


The Vydra River winds through a canyon with many rapids, waterfalls, cascades and boulders between the former settlement of Antýgl and Čeňková pila. The river section is boulder-like, lying in a wooded valley, on the slopes of which there…

Tupadel Rocks

The year was 1967, when the gem described today became a natural monument. These are Tupadelské skály in the Klatovy district, individual and adjoining formations with a total length of 230 meters and an area of 0.48 hectares. The highest…