Výlety natural attractions Olomouc

Giant rocks

The breathtaking Giant Rocks in the Jeseníky Mountains create an interesting landmark near Ramzovské sedlo in the form of weathered rocks, about 15 meters high. The rock itself is related to the legend of the giant Amík, who bet with…

High waterfall

If you walk around Studený potok in the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range, you are guaranteed to come to a waterfall with the distinctive name Vysoký - its height is up to 45 meters and is the highest waterfall in the whole mountain…


In the Olomouc district there is a nature reserve, with the fairytale name Kingdom. In this protected floodplain forest you can observe ecosystems close to nature with the occurrence of typical and rare species of plants and animals. In mixed forests you…

Mossy lakes on Rejvíz

Let yourself be introduced to a fairy-tale place in the Jeseníky Mountains, with a little imagination you may see some supernatural being who settled in the local swamps.

Nýznerovské waterfalls

Be sure not to miss a visit to the Nýznerovské waterfalls, which cover 12 hectares in the village of Skorošice. A trip to the waterfalls of Stříbrný potok, as Nýznerovské waterfalls are also called, will be…

Šerák - Keprník

In the Hrubý Jeseník mountains you can walk through the oldest reservation in Moravia. The Šerák - Keprník National Nature Reserve is also called the Liechtenstein Forest and is part of the Jeseníky Protected…


On a walk around the village of Mladeč, you would probably miss this inconspicuous hill. It is a long hill, overgrown with forests, there are many interesting species of birds, mollusks and beetles. Rare plants also grow here. Třesín has been a…