Výlety natural attractions Bruntál

Javorový vrch

Are you attracted to history? Then go to a place where iron ore was mined in the Middle Ages.


When staying in the Jeseník Mountains, you will definitely not miss the Praděd National Nature Reserve. Praděd Reservation is one of the largest reservations in the Czech Republic. The reason for its creation is the protection of ecosystems, which…

Rešov waterfalls

If you find yourself in the Low Jeseník Mountains, head to the surroundings of Rýmařov, to the Huntava river. Here you will find a special creation, declared a national natural monument. The waterfalls on the Huntava river, springing on the…

Žárový vrch

Do you want to enjoy a beautiful view of the Jeseníky Mountains? Then ascend to Žárový vrch, the top of which rises at a height of 1093 m above sea level southwest of Vrbno pod Pradědem. The hill is not on a hiking trail, only a bike…