Výlety natural attractions Prachatice

Boubín forest

Come with us on the Boubín Forest Trail, where nature is in its original, unfettered form, without human intervention. The spruces here reach a height of up to 50 m, young trees grow from old stumps, the trunks are intertwined in all sorts of ways.…

Malá niva

Put on sturdy shoes, sit on a bike or stand on cross-country skis and go to the most beautiful nature that the Czech Republic has to offer. To the National Park and Protected Landscape Area Šumava, specifically to the territory of Malá Niva.

Plešné jezero Šumava

If you go on a holiday to Lipno and if you are looking for a good tip for a trip to the surroundings, then know that Plešné Lake is one of the most beautiful places you will find in this area. The very path to it is breathtaking! It leads…

Stožecká skála

One of the dominants of the Šumava National Park is Stožecká skála. If you climb the forested hill Stožec, you will find that you have found yourself in a nature reserve, which is dominated by a granite rock. It was named Stožeck…

Three-border mountain

Part of the 1st zone of the Šumava National Park is also the natural monument Trojmezná hora. You can find it in the Prachatice district, near the village of Nová Pec. This includes the area of the whole Trojmezná and Plech…

Vltava meadow

The unique area of the upper Vltava is inaccessible to the public, so you can see the Vltava meadow only from the boat. You can only get here on a boat if there is enough water. Due to the lush vegetation on the banks, the movement here would be quite…