Výlety natural attractions Jičín

Cidlinský hřeben

Put on the mountains and try the steep slopes of the Cidlin ridge, where time has stopped and untouched nature has been preserved.

Přivýšina u Prachovských skal

The ridge is part of the eastern side of the Prachovské rocks. You can find this relatively short rocky ridge on the outskirts of Prachov, directly above the Jinolické ponds. Its highest point is the peak of the same name, which is actually…

Rocks Prachov

You will definitely not be short of trips in the Bohemian Paradise. Although the offer is rich, like all tourists, you will definitely not miss Prachovské skály, one of the traditional and well-known areas of the Bohemian Paradise. Beautiful…

Žlunice woods

Žlunické polesí can be found in the Jičín region near the village of Sekeřice. This natural monument covers an area of 231 hectares and is defined by the villages of Sekeřice, Žlunice, Slavhostice and Chroustov. The Žlunické…