Výlety technical monuments Středočeský kraj

Kostelec nad Cernymi lesy Brewery

Under Jindřich of Kostelec, Černý Kostelec was promoted to a town, and this was accompanied by the granting of privileges and rights, which also included the brewing right. In 1558, when the estate was owned by the Smiřič family, there was already…

Mining open-air museum Mayrau

One of our mining open-air museums is called Mayrau and can be found in the village of Vinařice in the Kladno region. The exhibition has a concept of the last working day, so visitors walk through the open-air museum with the feeling that the miners left…

Vrátno windmill

In the middle of the fields near Vrátna stands a windmill of the Dutch type, a nice-looking building with a high shingled roof, a dummy wind rose and a new white facade. It was built by Václav Mareček, a local landowner, and was built by…